ERA Bracelet

Equal Rights Amendment Ratified in Illinois!

Hey Lefty-Blinger Feminists!!  The Equal Rights Amendment was just ratified in Illinois on May 30, 2018!  That makes the 37th state that has ratified the ERA.   Just one more state to ratify to make it to 38 states, and women will finally be included as first class citizens in the U.S. Constitution!!

When the news came across my Facebook feed…I cried.  We are so tantalizingly close.  The “fore mothers” in the movement, all the women who flooded the streets of DC in January 2017 and January 2018, to all the advocacy groups who held rallies for years, who lobbied in state legislatures, who sued for equal rights protections,  who walked in protest across the states who have not ratified the ERA, who donated time, effort, blood, sweat, tears, money,  and canvassed for legislators who support women’s rights, this is proof of the truth…WOMEN GET STUFF DONE!!

We still have to work for the last state, but the only thing that will stop us is if we do not show up to the polls to vote into office legislators who support the ERA.  Get a clipboard and some comfortable shoes troops…and go knock on doors.  The 2018 Mid-Terms are coming and we have to show up.  Showing up is half the battle.

I will still be wearing my ERA bracelet until the day the ERA is ratified, and is the official 28th amendment to the United States Constitution.


We got this.