New “Resist” Jewelry Line Launched at Politicon 2017 was excited to be a first time exhibitor at Politicon 2017 in Pasadena, California on July 29 and 30th.  Politicon is considered the “Coachella of Politics,” where people of all political persuasions come together to debate the issues of the day.  There were many media stars there from MSNBC like Joy Reid, Ari Melber, Steve Kornacki, Kasey Hunt, Michael Steele, Chelsea Handler, Jake Tapper from CNN, and many conservative media commentators  there as well like Roger Stone, Tomi Lahren, and Ann Coulter. (Boo.)  I think it was a constructive dialogue even if you didn’t agree with the other side’s arguments.

LeftWing-Bling made a big splash with the “Pussy Cat Resist Ring” and our new line of resistance pendants.  The first sign that visitors to the Democracy Hall exhibitors area saw was our very edgy banners that sorta said it all.  We mostly got lots of laughs (and sales!), once they saw the “Grab This!” sign.  We got a few sneers and two people who wanted a debate about obscene statements.  It’s marketing…HELLO.  So we offered them a deal.  You can buy all our inventory and we will take down the marketing sign if it offends you that badly…so is your opinion willing to writing a check?  If not…thanks for stopping by the booth!  Of course, no one took us up on it, but well…it shut down the “outrage.”

We also talked with some young Republican guys. Actually, they well…listened.  They were kind and respectful.  I didn’t get their names and I got too busy to ask, but if they ever read this post, let me know who you were because I appreciated their attitude and civility.   (While the Trump supporters where walking up and down the isles screaming “Trump is your President!”)  We discussed that we need to find what can unite us as citizens rather than parties because we are most likely not going to agree on what divides us. I educated them on the ERA, something they really didn’t know much about.   I was impressed that they actually came by my booth a few times just to ask how our sales were going.  It was respectful and civil…and refreshing.

I also took many opportunities to talk to visitors to the booth about the ERA.  Many did not know that we are still fighting for it and it is still in the process of being ratified.  Many visitors were pleasantly surprised enough to go to the internet links advocating for the ERA.  I think I talked up the ERA more than the new inventory.

We were next to Planned Parenthood so we had good neighbors too!!  See you next year hopefully!!