“Politics Done Right” with Egberto Willies interview of LeftWing-Bling.com CEO

ERA Bracelet

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LeftWing-Bling.com CEO, Jacqueline Nantier-Hopewell was interviewed by Egberto Willies, of the “Politics Done Right” radio show at Netroots Nation 2017 last week.    We talked about LeftWing-Bling.com’s role in helping groups fund raise with our new  “Resist” line of jewelry.  Hey, even Egberto bought a pin home as a gift for his wife.  What a sweet hubbie!!  We also talked about the push to get the ERA ratified in the last two needed states, and the upcoming bell weather Virginia elections in November.

Egberto is one impressive fellow.  He has a warm baritone voice and personality in front of the camera and microphone that puts the person he is interviewing at ease.  He sounds like “I-want-to- go-to-the-Bahamas-and-have-a-Pina Colada”… always a cool accent!  I was glad to get to know him better because he is a very accomplished software engineer as well as awesome advocate for liberal grassroots causes.  Smart people are so cool!


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